Day: September 13, 2020

Home improvement benefits of stone claddingHome improvement benefits of stone cladding

For the past decades, a form of home improvement called stone cladding has been traditionally used. Lately, however, has seen a sharp peak with homeowners using stone cladding as a way to improve the aesthetic quality of their homes.

Why the sudden peak of interest? Mainly because stone cladding not only adds allure to a property; it also packs a lot of benefits that are too good to pass up.

The wide variety of styles, shades, and designs provided by stone cladding make it must-haves for any home. Its flexibility allows a homeowner to choose the natural stone material to use as stone cladding ranging from slate, marble, rocks, sandstone, and more.

The benefits gained by using stone cladding indoor and outdoor spaces of the home include:

Adds the perfect touch of elegance to a home

A home using stone cladding both indoors and outdoors quickly adds a perfect touch of elegance to it. Stone cladding one entire indoor wall creates an indoor ambience. The fireplace and floors of a home are the usual popular spots that use stone cladding. The versatility and durability of stone cladding take off the worry of having to tear down a fireplace or floor in the future to replace it with some other material.

A pre-existing home most likely will not be able to support the weight of heavy stones added onto its walls. Adding full-sized stones to the home structure is only possible with about to be constructed homes.

Stone cladding provides the perfect solution for a property to acquire an instantaneous facelift without having to worry about the stress placed on the structure.

The best solution for earthquake-prone locations

Earthquake-prone locations cannot allow houses constructed from heavy stones. Stone cladding provides the best solution in upgrading the appeal of a home in an earthquake-prone area. The availability of stone cladding in these areas makes it the best material to create a stone finish look to a property.

 Provides great insulation to any home

Stone cladding not only adds a classic and sleek finish to any home; it is also an effective insulator. This benefit helps to reduce utility bills and reliance on a home’s cooling and heating systems.

Noise and pollution outside the property are also greatly reduced by stone cladding. Stone cladding walls of the home provide noise and pollution insulation like no other.

Boost the value of property

The property’s overall value is boosted by stone cladding its exterior walls. Other than providing durability and strength, the stones also provide a time-worn and rustic look to a property. This timeless home design, beloved by many people, is quickly achieved with the use of stone cladding.

Unmatched curb appeal

An overall unmatched appeal is provided to any property that applies stone cladding to its facade or entire exterior. The adjoining walls of the exterior wall can achieve instant curb appeal with the arrangement of varied stone cladding patterns and types. The versatility of stone cladding allows is to be applied to all exterior spaces from driveways, garage walls, landing space entrance steps, and more.

In past decades, only the rich and famous could afford natural stone cladding. The advent of technologies has made natural stone material easier to quarry, cut, and design, making it widely available and affordable to all. Let us help you make you the right choice of stone cladding by contacting us at KLS Sandstone in Sydney.