Effects of blocked drains

When most people in the Gold Coast are cleaning their homes, they forget to clean those areas that are not visible.  Therefore, they never get the chance of knowing the conditions of the invisible places. Most of them tend to believe that these areas do not require to be cleaned until they hear some foul smells coming from the invisible areas. The drain system is one of the areas in the homes that are invisible.  Most of the people in the Gold Coast only clean their drainage system when they know that there is a danger that comes from them. Mostly, the threat is as a result of the blocked drains.

The drains that are found in homes bock very quickly. Throwing the kitchen refuse in the sinks, flushing so much toilet paper and disposing of diapers in the toilets among others can make your drains to block.  When the block drains, it has so much negative effect on the people around it. You have to be very careful so that you do not get affected by your drains when they block. This is why you need to ensure that you clean them now and then. The following are some of the effects that the blocked drains have to you and the people around you.

They cause health issues

One of the bad things with the blocked drains is that they harm your health.  This is because when your drains are blocked, they cause some bacterias to grow in the pipes. The bacteria become the causes of allergies and diseases.  The bacteria grow because some wastes materials have built up in the drains. Since the water cannot flow into these drains, it begins to flow back in the sinks together with sewages and other wastes on the drains. As all these flow back, they flow with the bacteria that have grown in the drains. As a result, you will be affected by different diseases as well as allergies.

It causes a foul smell

When your drains block,  there is water, and different types of waste that will accumulate on the pipes. The water becomes stagnant since it is prevented from flowing by the blockage.  With time, there is an unpleasant smell that is formed by the water and the waste that has accumulated.  The entire house will start smelling, and everyone in the home can feel the smell. The unpleasant smell can lead to headaches as well as nausea.

It damages the structure of houses

Most homes also suffer from structural damage when they have blocked drains.  This is because when the water flows back from the drains, it soaks the foundation of the house. Thereby the foundation begins to weaken with time.  If the blockage is very extreme, there could be floods that can destroy the walls and floor of the house.

It provides a breeding area for insects

Insects love living in stagnant water. Mosquitos, for example, lay their eggs and hatch them in the stagnant water. Therefore, when you have blocked drains, you will attract large numbers of mosquitoes and other insects.

It makes drainage to be poor

This is one of the things that will tell you that your drains are blocked. As long as your drains are blocked, water will have issues when it comes to flow.  Until you relive the blockage, the drainage will be an issue. 

You can fix your block drains on your own, but to get real help, it is better to contact a professional plumber.

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