Different kinds of architects and what they do

One of the broad career specialisations belongs to architects. They can design, plan, and build from a small room renovation of a home to a whole city.

The skills, creativeness, and knowledge gained by architects make them the experts when it comes to designing, developing, presenting, and supervising varied projects.

Architects are also capable of using several hats during a building project. However, the age of specialisation has also made architects choose their particular field to excel in.

Industrial architects

Industrial architects ensure the seamless flow of the various processes that industries need. Their understanding of the multiple processes involved in different industries equips industrial architects to execute functional and efficient designs, ensuring the right flow of work.

Residential architects

Homes nowadays have become almost identical in looks and forms. However, custom-built homes are still the things most homeowners yearn for. Aiming for a customised home needs the help of a residential architect.

A residential architect will only start to design the elevations, layout, and plans of a home when he/she has taken note of the functional and spatial requirements. He/she is also entrusted with taking over the services and materials expenses and the completion date. Residential architects represent the interests of their clients in all the processes needed to start building a home up to its completion date.

Green architects

The emphasis on environmentally-friendly procedures has also extended to the architectural world. This has made green architects an essential part of the field. Green architects focus more on architectural designs that are energy efficient as well as environmentally friendly. Achieving minimal impact on the environment during the project is the main goal of green architects. This means that green architects are the experts when it comes to implementing innovative techniques in shading, aerodynamics, and sun.

Commercial architects

Optimising the experience of users of a commercial building is the main goal of commercial architects. They need to execute a design that is not only functional but aesthetically beautiful as well. A well-guided flow of a building design executed by a commercial architect depends on his/her expert grasp of creative, engineering, and construction skills. Construction expenses, safety regulations, and full knowledge of building code requirements are the specialised fields of commercial architects.

Landscape architects

Public spaces, neighbourhoods, parks, campuses, and gardens need the services of landscape architects to make them look amazing. The complete transformation of these spaces needs a harmonious, efficient, and engaging design from a landscape architect. This means that landscape architects plan their designs based on the best ways to put a building, greenery, and the walkways to achieve a cohesive and complementary look. Choosing the shrubs, trees, walkway materials, and other landscape elements have to be planned accordingly by landscape architects to create a lovely vista that works well with the varied climate changes.

Interior design architects

The many hats an architect can use during a project also means taking over the interior design of a finished building. While some architects prefer working on the exterior part, some like to do the interior design as well. This type of architect is especially skilled in choosing the perfect furniture design, colours, materials, and fabrics.

Knowing the various specialisations of architects make the choice easier when you need to hire one for your particular project. Contact a reputable architecture firm to help you off to a good start on your building project.


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