Day: August 25, 2020

Information on Custom HomesInformation on Custom Homes

The process of custom building a home has been conceived for a long time now. To put in perspective, many prospective homeowners think of custom homes, but a more significant percentage end up with already built homes. The reason behind the confusion being; many home seekers have their sequencing wrong. They hope to get a perfect lot and then find a suitable architect for designing their dream home. Finally, get a builder with the lowest rates and begin the process. The truth is that what seems cheap is expensive at last and vice versa.

Find a lot

The first thing a prospective homeowner should do is find a lot to purchase. Hunting for a lot that meets your location requirements is not easy. This process might take weeks or months before you find the right location and a lot that you can afford without adding pressure on your budget. Lots differ in prices due to location, availability of public utilities like roads, sewer and more.

Bring your dream home to a paper.

Then find an architect to bring your dream home into the paper. The task can be daunting, but with patience and perseverance, your plan will become a reality. Take your time to discuss and input suggestions from different parties before reaching a conclusion. Remember what goes into the final project might be irreversible when the baton is passed on to a custom builder.

Find a custom builder.

 With the final plan in hand, seek for custom builders who can work with your budget. Most people go for the lowest bidders. But chances are, those with low bids might disappoint where quality counts. It is also not a guarantee that the bidder with the highest rates can match the quality. It is up to the owner to strike a balance between the quality and the cost.

Spec home builder

Developers in the real estates invest a massive amount of money to build speculative home designs. It has helped many home buyers get what they want without a hassle. Spec homes have gained popularity because, compared with custom home building, a homebuyer only needs to part with the cash and then move in, unlike custom home building where you have to deal with a lot of people and activities before moving in. What is more, the price is far better than buying a lot and custom building a home.

Why spec homes have gained popularity

The real estate developers get the best deals when buying lots to develop. By adding a development cost plus, a profit margin, the overall price will be reasonable for prospective buyers.

Things a spec home builder should consider

There are many factors a spec home builder should consider before buying a lot and developing it. First is the neighbourhood. If you are developing a lot where there is no other building around, it is a high risk for the developer. To develop a lot in a place where there are several homes with similar designs increases the chances of your sale.

Another factor a developer should consider upfront is the availability of public utilities in the area. Without public amenities like roads, schools, sewers, water supply, there is a risk of the property, not hot selling or fetching the right amount. Although there are times when a real estate developer benefits more than a buyer, the vice versa is true in some cases.

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